Jacksonville Mortgage Loan Credit Repair

You shouldn’t feel like your life has stopped because you had a few financial problems that have now set you back. Jacksonville Credit Repair Today has helped thousands of people who felt the same way. If you’re interested in buying a home then you will need to get a loan. The only way to get a mortgage loan is by having decent credit. Allow us to help improve your credit score. We have some tricks up our sleeves that you may not already be familiar with. Most of our customers are surprised to see just how effective our credit repair services are.

    How We Help Improve Your Credit Score

    There are some basic things that we want everyone to know before they start the process of repairing their credit. To improve your credit score you will have to have some positive things on your credit report that will indicate your ability to repay a loan. In addition to the positive events on your credit, you’ll have to have negative ones removed. That’s where we step in to help. We are a trustworthy, dependable, and effective credit repair company in Jacksonville, FL that will work hard to get you what you want.

    Complimentary Consultation

    We never charge for a consultation. When you contact us for help we will evaluate your credit report and let you know where improvements are needed. If you would like us to fix the problem for you, we will. Once you’ve decided to work with us we will explain our process to you in detail. We look at negative items on your report and figure out the best way to have them removed, if possible. We prepare the necessary letters, on our behalf, and mail them to creditors in hopes of negotiating a payoff or having an item completely remove from your report. We work for you!

    Your Mortgage Loan Credit

    At Jacksonville Credit Repair Today we believe in homeownership. That is why we do everything within our power to help you get one. The first thing we need to do is convince the lenders of your ability to repay the loan that they offer you. We do this by improving your credit score. Your credit score is determined by credit history. Your credit report is a snapshot of your financial history. Lenders will look at this and consider if you are a risk, based on your credit score. You will have to have a minimum credit score of 580 to even be considered for a mortgage loan. If you don’t have at least this amount then let us help you get it to this point.

    How to Apply for a Mortgage Loan

    The things that you usually need when applying for a mortgage loan is necessary paperwork, such as pay stubs, tax filings, and bank statements. You will need to present your credit report and have a down payment of 20%. During our consultation, we will outline everything that you will need before applying for a mortgage. We’ll get you ready.